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A Few Words About Us


We are a small family run business established in 1990.

I first began learning to silver solder at the Birmingham college of silversmithing where i gained qualifications while working in the jewellry quarter.

Seven years later i moved away and began work in a Metrology company manufacturing precision instruments.

With a move to Cornwall in 1983 i started work in the satelite communications industry where i gained further qualifications in brazing and silver soldering to high specification.Eventually i became self employed starting Castle Instruments in 1990 supplying waveguide systems and components to the communication industry.

I have always had a love of steam and eventually i started supplying model boilers after a few friends suggested it might be a good idea.

This was something i always wanted to do moving from a hobby into a buisness.We now manufacture copper model boilers up to 5 inch gauge in locomotives and 2 inch gauge in traction engines.Employing the latest CAD drawing methods of manufacture all our boilers are re drawn to suit AMBSC Code part 1 issue 8-2012 which exceeds the pressure systems safety regulations 2000 (PSSR) and comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive.(PED)

We are developing a new 6 inch vertical boiler which will be suitable for most 2 inch bore stationary engines and will be a very powerful boiler intended to maintain steam output for these larger stationary engines.

There are many new products in the pipeline,along with all the popular range of boilers.We also supply kits for most models in two forms.This comprises of a basic kit with all parts supplied or a fully machined kit ready to silver solder together without the need of further machining.

A certificate of conformity is supplied with the pressure test documents and all of our boilers are CE marked.

With over 40 years experience and a fully equipped workshop we offer a reliable,quality service to the model engineer.

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